Reignite the Real You!

Inspired Life Fitness

Shawn Thurston founded Inspired Life Fitness – ILF – with the mission of inspiring others to reginite their true selves. From his years of experience in the military and fitness industry, Shawn developed a training regimen and fitness classes based on a “tribe” concept that empowers members to set, pursue and achieve individual fitness and nutrition goals.

Shawn and the ILF Coaching team will tailor your workout and/or nutrition plan to your individual goals… at ILF we’ll meet you wherever you’re at on your journey. You’ll also benefit from the power of the tribe – gaining more support, confidence, endurance and strength by being part of a team.

When you become part of the ILF tribe, you’ll become more self aware, more focused, more inspired in every aspect of your life. You’ll also gain knowledge about fitness techniques and how nutrition impacts not just your weight loss/maintenance goals, but how it impacts your ability to maximize your workout.

At ILF we understand that you have one body – your “first domino” – and are committed to helping you care for it more thoughtfully, so you can achieve a better self-understanding and self-image, move more effectively, be better nourished and attain maximum wellness. Our goal for you is that your life is transformed and reignited, because you will feel better “in your own skin,” be more productive, focused and effective, and maximize your joy for life.