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A friend of mine wanted me to go to one of Shawn’s boot camp classes.  After many “I don’t want to’s,” “I am not a gym rat,” “I am tired after work.” I went.  As I walked into class I saw people of all sizes and shapes and thought, “if they are here, I can do this.” Everyone was exercising at their own ability and encouraging each other as Shawn encouraged them to push just

In November I started Inspired Life Fitness after months of no exercise. Then in January I started a 12 week challenge at the gym, which included a fitness benchmark test. I took my final test the other day in which I PRed in every test.

  • 1 Mile Sprint on the Spin Bike- Jan Time 1:34/ May Time 1:01. PRed by 33 seconds 😮
  • Push Ups ( real ones) in 2 min Jan – 25/May – 38
  • Pull Ups with Assistant Band- Jan 12 Pull Ups/ May- 20 Pull Ups
  • Burpees in 2 mins- Jan-40/ May-48
  • Sit Ups in 2 mins Jan-51/May-58

I have to give a big thanks to Inspired Life Fitness. The support and inspiration I feel from my fellow members and coaching from Shawn, it continues to motivate me to never give up and to challenge myself. Without a doubt the classes are hardest workouts I’ve ever done, yet the very BEST as well. Each class has every body type, age and fitness abilities and you never feel as if you’re on your own. When I feel like I can’t do anymore, Shawn and other members in class are cheering me on. The classes and energy are positive and addicting. Joining ILF is hands down the best choice I’ve made to improve my health and fitness. Thank you to ILF for helping me get into the best shape and condition for the wedding and in life! Interested in trying a class? Your first class is always FREE!

Whitney Starnes

A friend of mine wanted me to go to one of Shawn’s boot camp classes.  After many “I don’t want to’s,” “I am not a gym rat,” “I am tired after work.” I went.  As I walked into class I saw people of all sizes and shapes and thought, “if they are here, I can do this.” Everyone was exercising at their own ability and encouraging each other as Shawn encouraged them to push just a bit more. They did! And so did I. It was great!

Every class is the same, but different. The same… Shawn knows my ability and will challenge or modify my individual workout while doing what the rest of the class is performing. What is different is every class. I like that we work all of our body and nothing is the same class after class. Shawn at ILF has improved my bicycling fitness and endurance with challenging and encouraging cross training programs.

My fitness family at ILF is a key component of my weekly routine now. It is not fun to bicycle by myself and certainly not fun to exercise alone. Thank you Shawn, ILF, and all the people in my class who inspire me to keep going when I really just want a pizza and beer!


Shawn has been an inspiration to me with my fitness goals and mental health. I struggled with anxiety for a while, and with Shawn’s positive attitude, energy, and his awesome workouts, I can say that I finally do not take anxiety meds! He genuinely strives to make all of us the best version of ourselves. It feels like he is family at this point, along with everyone in our classes. Keep being who you are Shawn, I am blessed to have you as my trainer and to know you and your family! If you struggle with anxiety or depression or just want to start feeling better with your health, I recommend exercise and influential people in your life. I love that he meets people at their fitness level, whether you are a beginner or have been working out for years. He will push you in a positive way to become stronger and more confident. I will recommend all of my family and friends to Shawn because he is worth it! — Giselle Reyes

The results I obtained while taking Shawn’s classes were AMAZING! Not only did I get in the best shape of my life, but I found the inner athlete that was missing. I became stronger, leaner and more confident. His class is nothing short of inspiring. Each week I left feeling like I worked myself as hard as I possibly could have, and left regret at the doorstep. After each workout I felt motivated to keep coming back. Shawn’s variety challenged me both physically and mentally. His classes helped me to shut up the voice of doubt and motivated me to reach obstacles I did not think I could. His inspiring words reverberated in my mind while defeating obstacles such as running a marathon and finishing an adventure race. “Don’t give up on yourself,” is one of my favorite Shawn sayings. His words even helped me get through tough classes and exams in college. I am proof that Shawn’s techniques not only help sculpt bodies but his message goes beyond the gym scene. If you are looking for a fun, challenging and exciting workout, or a change in your fitness routine, I recommend Shawn. If you are going through hard times, experiencing self doubt, I recommend taking Shawn’s classes. He will help you reach whatever fitness or life goal you are seeking. – Krystal Abaria

When I met Shawn my life was chaos. I was a mother of two young children, and my marriage was less than happy. I was so busy focusing on keeping my family happy, I lost sight of me. My turning point was when I noticed I felt out of breath walking up the stairs of our home. I always considered myself active and healthy, but when this happened I knew I let myself slip – for a long time. I walked into cycle boot camp with Shawn and I knew my life was about to change. My initial goal was to just finish the class, but the atmosphere and the encouragement and the call for team work in that room among strangers kept me coming back. Over the course of a year I dropped 20+ inches, 40 pounds, 10% body fat. But I gained my sense of self back, my confidence in who I am and what I am capable of returned, my LUNG CAPACITY!!  But I also gained a community of lifelong friends. Those strangers in that room became my motivation, my inspiration, and my friends. Each person had an amazing story and reasons, and Shawn made sure that those reasons never became excuses. That the moments you felt most uncomfortable were mere blips on your journey. He takes your “before,” and makes sure you will love your “after.” Thanks Shawn. You’ve found your calling. – Shanyn

I am new to ILF but I can honestly say it is the best Training/Coaching I have experienced. I have been working out for 30 years. Previously, I have taken classes, hired individual Training and have never been so inspired as I am having joined ILF.  Shawn motivates and pushes me to be a better version of myself. His energy is contagious and makes me want to do better. One thing he says in class is: “Every ounce of sweat you produce is negative energy leaving your body!” I love that!  I look forward to every class I take.  Shawn is incredibly skilled. Anyone that takes his class can quickly be a better version of themselves! – Sean Hildenbrand

I met Shawn Thurston 8 years ago in my regular gym. I attended his cycle class (full cardio) and I don’t know exactly what he has but he made me come back every week to join the class. After months, he changed his class to Cycle Boot-Cam, it was pretty amazing!! Cycle and weights was a blast! Besides training; Shawn is a great motivator, makes you think of your goals and never lets you give up, and every sweat of drop on the floor it is so worth it!! Then sadly, he left the gym. I gained weight and I attended my regular classes as usual. After years, he is back again… the person who made me give my 200% in class IS BACK!! My energy is back again! The one who can make me burn hundreds of calories is here again. I never thought I’d do pull ups, push-ups, lift weights and do cycle in one class!! I started losing weight, feeling stronger and the most important feeling positive! Thank you Shawn! – Claudia Meono