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Why Inspired Life Fitness?

Yes, low intensity exercise uses more fat than high intensity exercise. As a percentage of calories burned, yes… this is true. But the total calorie burn per minute is low. At rest you are burning the greatest percentage of calories from fat. As soon as you pick up the pace, CHO (carbohydrate) begins to make a greater contribution. Knowing this, does walking lead to more fat loss than running stairs for the same allotted time? No. At higher intensities, even though the percentage of fat used is lower, the total calorie burn and daily fat burn will be higher. Higher intensity exercise is associated with an increased calorie and fat burn for many hours after the session. This is called exercise post-oxygen consumption (EPOC). This a big reason workouts at ILF are so effective! You will continue to burn calories at a much higher rate for several hours after every ILF workout.

ILF is the best Training/Coaching I have experienced. I have been working out for 30 years and have never been so inspired... Shawn motivates and pushes me to be a better version of myself.
Take it from the tribe…
Sean Hildenbrand

About Our Workouts

It’s a fact – when you commit to something with a group of like-minded people, you’ll be more committed. Our group workouts follow that philosophy. We call it the power of the tribe!

While workouts are delivered in a group setting, each member receives the attention, encouragement and guidance of an Inspired Life Fitness Coach.

As mentioned, because you get personal attention even while driving yourself and your tribe, with the help of your ILF Coach, you’ll set individual goals, tailored to meet you where you’re at on your fitness journey… and your ILF Coach will help you to be accountable to them!