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Shawn Thurston – My Fitness Journey

by: admin | Fitness |

I’ve struggled on and off throughout my life with 50 or more lbs. of weight gain. Like many people, I found that this weight creeped on slowly and was from some small changes in activity or intake.

I’ve been over 200lbs. at three times in my life, all a result of either major life changes, stress, work overload or school, career aspirations, and just life. There’s not enough space here to cover all the details, but I will feature them in my upcoming Health and Fitness Life Enrichment book, “The Inspired Life” – Inspire Others.

The photos here are from 2010 when I suffered from weight gain and determined to changed my approach to fitness. It was at this time that I started to train based on the ILF – Inspired Life Fitness – platform and concept.

I created this approach over 15 years of personal experience with numerous training styles, formats, diets and working with many trainers – some excellent and others who were not so much.

When I began my training, I lost 50 lbs. in about 6 months and have been able to stay at a healthy weight and bodyfat percentage, and maintaining this for over 8 years. I’ve done this while not putting everything else on hold and allowing other aspects of my life to take a backseat to health and fitness, like so many who have aggressive fitness goals experience. Fortunately, I approached my goals highly motivated, inspired and with a belief that I could achieve them while keeping a healthy life balance.

While my philosophy is making your fitness your first priority I believe it should not take away from everything else that is important to you. Your fitness and pursuit of fitness goals should enhance every aspect of your life, making everything you enjoy, love and care about, even better. As the founder of ILF Inspired I truly live the brand and want more than anything to “Inspire Others.”